How much help is too much?

How much help should you give your child with their homework? Coursework? CV writing? Is the answer different when paying a professional tutor for help?

Ensuring your child has time and space set aside each week to focus on their homework is clearly not too much. It’s what good parents (try to) do. And if your child struggles with their homework then it’s natural to help them look up the relevant facts, give encouragement and show them strategies to break the problem down or relate it to things they understand. That’s what tutors do.

At the other extreme, writing your child’s coursework (or paying for someone else to write it) is too much help. It’s not fair and it doesn’t help your child learn. But what about spell checking their coursework? Reviewing coursework? Paying someone else to review coursework? Where is the line? Please post your thoughts in the comments.


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