Christmas presents to make your loved ones happier

Now that Christmas is over I can share some of the presents I gave this year without spoiling the surprise for my family. If you gave or got any great presents this year I’d love to hear about it in the comments (I’ve only got a month to get birthday presents for my husband and I’m out of ideas).

This year I got my husband and youngster a pocket page a day diary each. I also asked my mother in law for a page a day diary for myself. Every evening we’re writing three good memories in the days page.

Rowan can’t write (or speak much that we understand) yet, so we’re coming up with and writing his memories for him. I hope that by the time he can speak and write this will be part of his bedtime routine and he’ll be in the habit of talking to us about his day each evening. In the meantime it should be helping his communication and cognitive (memory) skills. It also gets his Daddy involved in his bedtime routine.

The act of writing my memories in my diary means a lot to me as I have hardly any memories of the early weeks and months with Rowan. I was so exhausted and felt so short of time I didn’t write anything down and now I’ve forgotten most of it. I was really upset about this for a while, but now I want to make sure I remember what happens next.



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