I’m not grateful for that.

I’m all for gratitude when it’s appropriate. I’ve written a little about building gratitude into my life and my families life and I plan to write more about that. However today I’m in angry mode.

Our society is telling women to be grateful for things they should be able to take for granted. Not that every women can take these things for granted yet. But we need to fight for these things for every women. So I’m going to stop saying thank you when I get some part of any of these things because that really just sends the message that women don’t deserve to take these things for granted. We do. All of us.

  • A salary if we choose to care for our children (until they are at least 18 months old).
  • Paid time off work if we are sick while pregnant.
  • Respectful, safe maternity care.
  • A safe and comfortable environment while we are in labour.
  • Specialist post birth medical care.
  • Practical help with cooking and cleaning for 6 weeks after birth. Longer if we were ill or injured during the birth.
  • Optional post birth trauma counselling and de-brief.

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