Talking to different people

One of the characteristics associated with creative people is that they have wide social networks. What I mean is that they spend time with people from many different areas of life rather than one clique of people who are very similar to themselves. These types of relationships are more likely to spark an unexpected idea that leads to a new project.

Last week I had my own experience of this. I spent a day standing in the street talking to anyone who went past and was willing to stop. In theory I was selling them tours of Cambridge but once they were talking to me I was most interested in figuring out what they really wanted on their holiday and pointing them in the right direction.

In essence I was doing research on “what do Cambridge tourists want and is there a gap in the market?”. I think there is a small gap and I came away with an idea for a project. More on the projectwide social networks  later. This was not something I went into the day expecting, it’s an example of what can happen when you put yourself in a new environment and really listen to people who are different to you.


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