Is it right to charge for education resources?

The question of whether it’s right to charge for educational resources is a tricky one for me. On the one hand I want everyone to have access to the best education and the best educational resources regardless of their ability to pay. On the other hand I believe that creating these resources is work and work deserves to be paid.

This is also an equalities issue. Some people are privileged not to need to earn money from all the work they do. Others, especially those with caring responsibilities and dependants, are not so lucky. Many single parents are struggling to make ends meet and don’t have time to spare on things they won’t get paid for. Most single parents are women.

If creating the resources is part of your paid job and your employer is happy for you to give them away for free then that’s great. You are being paid for your work and anyone who wants your resource can benefit from it. However if you are not getting paid for the resource in some other way then I think it’s right to charge users for it. What do you think?


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