Sleeping beauty

I found this in my drafts and I’m polishing it up and posting because I need the reminder. I started writing this when Rowan was teething. Now we’ve hit the 32 week ‘fussy stage’ aka the 8 month sleep regression. Rowan is waking every 1 or 2 hours and everyone is getting short tempered (ok mostly just me).

There is so much advice about how to get your child to sleep. The problem with it is that all children are different and all families are different. We all need different amounts of sleep and have different tolerances for waking up in the night. Personally I feel rotten unless I get 5 hours uninterrupted sleep most nights. My partner really struggles to get back to sleep once he’s been out of bed. I also know that my baby doesn’t cry unless there is something really wrong.

This is the bit I’m reminding myself of now. He doesn’t cry unless something is wrong. He’s not doing it to wind me up. He CAN sleep 6+ hours at a time by himself, when nothing is wrong. Once he is over this fussy period he will go back to sleeping at night. We do not need ‘sleep training’.

The excellent book the wonder weeks tells me this period can last between one and five weeks so that’s what I’m preparing for. I’m preparing by remembering how we got through it last time.

I’ll tell you how, but please remember this is only what works for us. Your milage may vary.

We go to bed by 8, my husband sleeps downstairs for at least 6 hours, when I can’t take it much more I switch with him and sleep until 8 am. We both get enough sleep to make it through one more day. Repeat. Remember that this won’t last forever.

What works for you?


Animal stories

When my child was just a tiny newborn I couldn’t find any cloth books that I really liked so I made my own. I wanted something with bold patterns to interest him that was also aesthetic (so many baby toys are bright, garish and ugly). It needed to inspire my tired brain to think of things to talk about, but I decided that something that didn’t have words would be best as repeating exactly the same story billions of times would probably be boring for me and baby.

Here is what I made, it’s rough around the edges as I never got round to blocking it.