Weeks 3&4 – Rainbow Shawl Crochet Along

Hello and welcome to the #rainbowshawlcal I hope you are enjoying it! There are some videos to help you over on IGTV . The first weeks of this CAL are also available on my blog here: #rainbowshawlcal weeks 1 & 2

Row 5: chain 1, ^*sc in next stitch, chain 2, skip 2 stitches* repeat from * 3 more times, sc, skip 1 stitch. Repeat the whole thing from ^ 8 times and sc into the final stitch (no skipped stitch on the very last repeat). (You should now have 45 2ch spaces) Break off yarn but don’t rejoin as we will use a new colour for the next row.

Row 6: join orange yarn (or your choice of colour) to the top of the chain at the right hand side of your work and ch3. 3tr in each 2 chain space to the end, as you reach the stitch markers move them up and place them in the middle of your current 3tr cluster. (45 3tr clusters) Break off yarn and reattach to the top of your 3 chain at the other end.

Row 7: ch 1, *sc into the space before next 3tr cluster, ch2*.
This is the pattern, repeat to end except when you get to a cluster with a stitch marker ch3 rather than ch2.
If the above is to vague for you then here it is written out: repeat from * 3 more times then sc, ch3. Repeat the whole thing 8 more times.
Sc into last tr in the last cluster. Break off yarn and reattach to the top of your 3 chain at the other end.

Row 8: ch 3, 3tr cluster in each ch space (chsp) until you reach a stitch marker. In the chsp above each stitch marker do 3tr, ch1, 3tr (so there are two clusters rather than the usual one). Move stitch marker up to between these two clusters. Break off yarn after the last cluster and rejoin to the top of the chain at the other end. (53 clusters)

Row 9: ch3, *tr in space before next cluster, ch2* repeat 52 more times, tr in top of final tr of the previous row. (53 chsps) Break off yarn and rejoin to the top of the chain at the other end.



#rainbowshawlcal weeks 1 & 2

Hello and welcome to the #rainbowshawlcal I’m hosting this mystery crochet along on instagram but thought I’d post the first couple of weeks here as well for those who don’t use instagram.

I am using british crochet terminology, here is a handy list of translations for those of you who prefer US terms: http://www.simplycrochetmag.co.uk/2013/07/04/uk-and-us-crochet-conversion-chart/

Foundation row: Chain 75 (72 stitches plus turning chain).

Row 1: starting at the 4th chain from the hook *1 tr into each of the next 7 stitches, 3tr into next stitch placing a stitch marker in the middle stitch* repeat from * to * 8 more times. (91 stitches, including the top of the turning chain)
Break off yarn and reattach to top of turning chain at other end (we are going to work all our rows with the right side facing us, do not weave in ends, leave about 15 cm of yarn).

Row 2: Chain 3, *3tr into next stitch, skip 2, 3tr, skip2, 3tr, skip1, 3tr into stitch that has stitch marker (move stitch marker into middle stitch of this tr), skip1* repeat 8 times, single tr into the last stitch (36 3tr clusters, plus starting chain and single tr). Break off yarn and attach at other end to the top of the chain 3.

Row 3: Chain 3, 3tr into the space before the next tr cluster of the previous row. Repeat 3 tr clusters in each space. Finish with 2 tr in space before final single tr. (36 clusters plus 2tr and turning ch.) Break off yarn and attach at other end to top of chain 3.

Row4: ch3, *tr into the top of the next 12 stitches 2 tr in the space before the next cluster (this is above a stitch marker – move the stitch marker to between these two trs)* repeat 8 times. (126 trs, plus turning chain)Break off yarn and attach at other end.



Please do join us by sharing your project on instagram with #rainbowshawlcal – here’s a link to what’s been shared so far – https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rainbowshawlcal/