Beginners crochet workshops – Cambridge

I’m so excited to announce that I will be running a beginners crochet workshop next month! The classes will run on Thursday mornings at the following times:

Thursday 6th June 2019 – 10am to Midday – Session 1

Thursday 13th June 2019 – 10am to Midday – Session 2

Thursday 20th June 2019 -10am to Midday – Session 3

The classes are held in central Cambridge with Camilla from knittingneedlelane. Find out all the details and book at her website:

two pink spools on brown wooden chopping board beside orange bowl

Photo by Surene Palvie on

I have been thinking about teaching a crochet class for a while now since I love to crochet and meet new people and I also have experience teaching and tutoring. It’s taken a little push from Camilla to get me to actually go for it. I’m feeling excited and nervous. Do you have something you’d love to do but somehow never quite commit too? I’d love to hear your dreams in  the comments.


Vircle Shawl released exclusively at sew knit craft Cambridge

I’ve been on holiday, soaking up done of this beautiful weather and enjoying family time so this post is a little late.

I’m so happy to announce that Vircle Shawl has been released. Vircle shawl is a crocheted circular shawl which can be written folded for extra warmth or as a full circle for full dramatic effect. Either way it’s a simple pattern, suitable for beginners that produces a really wearable accessory. It’s great fun to make so you might find you can’t stop at one😉

You can get the pattern, along with your yarn at sew knit craft on kings Street in Cambridge.

The pattern will come out on Ravelry in good time, but for now the only way to get it is in the shop 😉

Happy hooking 💕

Hanging Ornaments: pattern release

Last year I was delighted to work with Your Crochet and Knitting magazine on a number of patterns including these hanging ornaments. The rights for first of these patterns have now returned to me and so I’m able to release the patterns on Ravelry to share with you all. You can find the crochet patterns here:

I know that these ornaments are Christmasy and it’s spring. But can it ever be too early to start making Christmas decorations? What do you think? Will you save them for Christmas or put them up today?

Pi Day: Vircle Shawl – testers wanted

Hello and happy Pi Day! Today is the 3/14 (in the US) which makes it Pi Day and the perfect day to show my circular crochet shawl Vircle Shawl. I’m looking for testers for this shawl over on The Testing Pool on Ravelry.

Vircle Shawl is a beginner friendly shawl that uses 700m of cotton worsted weight yarn. Check out the testing thread for all the details. As it’s a beginner friendly pattern I’m especially happy to work with new testers, so if you haven’t had the courage to dive into the testing pool before now come on in!


2018 designs

As we begin 2019 it seems like a good time to look back at 2018.

In 2018 I restarted this blog after a long break, I published 11 designs on Ravelry including October Rose Mitts, Anna’s Chunky Hat and a free Tropical Bowl pattern. I ran my Rainbow Shawl CAL here and on instagram and I had my designs published in two different editions on Your Crochet and Knitting magazine.

I’ve had a blast making and sharing my creative projects in 2018. There is pressure at new year to look ahead and make big plans for the coming year. Honestly I don’t feel like I can make plans a whole year ahead – there are a lot of changes coming up including little brother starting nursery and big brother starting school. I can’t get my head around that!!

So rather than set goals for the whole of 2019 now I’m just going to focus on the first quarter of the year. From now until the end of March I hope to have published 3 more patterns, including at least one that is for charity.

Happy new year!

On the cover of Your Crochet and Knitting!

Your Crochet and Knitting issue 4 has hit the shops and I was so thrilled to see my copy because not only does it feature my twinkle decorations & wrap but my wrap is on the front cover! And the back cover, and even on the editorial page! Wow.

I’m actually pretty bad at celebrating my successes and I’m sure some of you are the same but I’ve decided to really enjoy this moment which is after all the culmination of a lot of hard work.

What successes have you had this week (big or small) – don’t be afraid to shout about them in the comments 😉

Anna’s chunky crochet hat

Hello, I’ve released a new crochet pattern.

Anna’s chunky crochet hat is special to me as I made loads of then last winter while I was on bed rest. It was definitely a case of crafting to stay sane. I gifted most of them as Christmas presents and they were a big hit! This winter I was asked to make a couple more for new arrivals.

The pattern is available in five sizes from newborn to large adult and comes in US and UK versions so you can use whichever terminology you are most comfortable with. There are plenty of beginner friendly photo tutorials.

Do you know someone who would like a hand made hat for Christmas?24C8B6F7-8095-468F-945D-DBB642120E11.jpeg

#rainbowshawlcal – weeks 15&16 and finished shawl

Here are the final rows of the #rainbowshawlcal We finish with a few rows of shell stitch in a final colour (I’ve chosen pink). I hope you’ve enjoyed this project. Please do share you finished photos with me, either in the comments or on instagram (I’m @anna.granta and I’d love to be tagged so I can see what you’ve made. Even if you’re making this shawl long after the cal is over I’d still love to see your make. 🙂


Row 33: join final colour, 4 ch, 3 dtr in base of ch, *miss 3 sts, dc, miss 3 sts, 7 dtr in next st; repeat from * to end, 5 dtr in last shell and finish with a tr in the final stitch. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.

Row 34: ch1, dc in same st, *miss 3 sts, 7 dtr in dc of previous row, miss 3 sts, dc; repeat from * to end of row, finish with 2 tr in the last stitch. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.

Row 35: 4 ch, 3 dtr in base of chain, *miss 3 sts, dc, miss 3 sts, 7dtr in next st; repeat from * to end of row, finish with 5 dtr for last shell and then a tr in final st. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.

Row 36: 1 ch, dc in each stitch to end. Fasten off.

I finished off my shawl by tieing my ends into four big knots on each end, using two colours for each tassel. Of course you can do what you like with yours this was my way to avoid weaving in all the ends😉



Test crocheters wanted

96760D1E-5FFA-41F8-9E37-3A763343D852.jpegHello, I’m currently looking for testers for a quick chunky crochet hat. It’s a simple striped hat and is intended to teach simple coloured striping. There are plenty of photo tutorials as well as full written instructions so if you’ve been scared to introduce multiple colours in your crochet this is the pattern for you. It’s also a handy pattern if you’ve just realised that Christmas is fast approaching and you still have a long list of gifts to make as it works up really quicky. I’ve written the pattern for all sizes from baby to large adult.

If you are interested then please sign up to test on ravelry. If you’re not already on ravelry you can create a free account. Click here for the test thread. Thank you!

#rainbowshawlcal weeks 13 & 14

As we’re approaching the end of the #rainbowshawlcal I though I’d better catch up with the blog posts! Here are the rows for weeks 13 & 14.

Row 29: join next colour. 1 ch, 21 dc, *5 ch, dc into top of centre tr in the cluster on first purple row (see photo) 5 ch, skip 5 sts, 22 dc; repeat from * 8 times, finishing with 18 DC. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.

Row 30: 3 Ch, [3tr, 1ch, skip 2 sts] repeat to end, finishing with 1 ch, 1 tr in final stitch. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.IMG_3541

Row 31: 3 ch, 2tr in space before 3tr cluster, [1 ch, 3tr in space between clusters] repeat to end, finishing with 1 ch, tr in the top of last stitch. Fasten off and rejoin yarn to other end.

Row 32: 3 ch, 1 tr in each stitch (not chain spaces) to end. Fasten off.