New beginnings

Spring is here and easter is just around the corner and it’s a time of new beginnings in my life too. It’s just over 6 months since I last posted here as I had been busy on a teacher training course. Unfortunately I was just too busy and was not able to continue with the course and have energy left for my family and so I have left the training. This will give me time to explore some other ideas and see where I end up. I hope to also get back to updating this blog regularly!

In the meantime I’ll be restoring some order to my garden (you can see here on the left that it has been neglected) and enjoying a bit of time out to crochet.

Coffee table upcycled to play table

Yesterday I took an old ikea coffee table and turned it into a play table for my toddler. Hopefully it’ll now spark his imagination more than the plain white table. Here are pictures, on the left is the table and on the right is the table plus some animal toys. Yep, there is a crocodile in the river. The ducks seem to have disappeared…

Animal stories

When my child was just a tiny newborn I couldn’t find any cloth books that I really liked so I made my own. I wanted something with bold patterns to interest him that was also aesthetic (so many baby toys are bright, garish and ugly). It needed to inspire my tired brain to think of things to talk about, but I decided that something that didn’t have words would be best as repeating exactly the same story billions of times would probably be boring for me and baby.

Here is what I made, it’s rough around the edges as I never got round to blocking it.