Weeks 7&8 #rainbowshawlcal

Don’t forget you can find all the rows by clicking on the #rainbowshawlcal link at the top of my website.

Row 16: join yarn to top of chain. Ch3, 3tr into 1st dc in the chsp of row below. 3tr into each of the first DC’s in each chsp. When you reach a stitch marker, 6tr into the chsp above the ‘v’ made be the previous row, move stitch marker to the middle of these stitches. Finish with one tr into the last stitch. Break off yarn and rejoin to top of chain at other end.

Row 17: ch3, 3tr cluster between each cluster of the row below, 3tr cluster at each stitch marker. Finish with 2tr after final cluster. Break off yarn and rejoin to top of chain at other end.

Row 18: ch3, tr, *popcorn, tr in next 5 stitches* repeat to end (finish with 3tr). Break off yarn and rejoin at other end.

Row 19, updated: ch1, dc in each stitch to popcorn, skip popcorn stitch, continue to stitch marker, 2dc in stitch above marker (move marker up to between these two stitches) continue with 1dc, skipping popcorns, until next stitch marker and repeat to end. Break of yarn but don’t rejoin (we’ll have a new colour next week).

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Weeks 5&6 #rainbowshawlcal

Hi, this is where I’m saving the weekly updates to the #rainbowshawlcal to help anyone who wants to join after the official start. Week 1&2 is available here: #rainbowshawlcal weeks 1 & 2

Row 10: ch3, 3tr cluster in each chsp to end. Move stitch markers up to this row, between clusters. (53 clusters) Break off yarn but don’t rejoin because it’s time for our next colour.

Video for this row on instagram TV.
Row 11: join yellow (or your choice of colour) yarn to top of chain. Ch3, *tr into the space before next 3tr cluster, 2tr into the middle stitch of the cluster*. Repeat to stitch marker, 2tr into the space where the stitch marker is, move stitch marker up to between these two stitches. Keep repeating like this, 1tr between clusters unless it’s a stitch marker when it’s 2trs. 2trs in the centre of each cluster. 1tr in final stitch of last cluster. (168 trs) Break off yarn and rejoin to the top of the chain at the other end.

Row 12: ch3, tr, *ch1, 2tr into the lowered stitch of the row below* repeat until the stitch marker. At stitch marker, 2tr into first of lower stitches, ch1, 2tr into second lower stitch. Move stitch marker up to between the two sets of 2tr. Continue as before to end of row. Finish with 2tr into final stitch. Break off yarn and rejoin to the top of the chain at the other end.

Row 13:
Ch3, 2tr in space between turning chain and next stitch, *ch1, 2 tr in space between 2tr of previous row* repeat from * until end. Finish with a single tr between the final 2tr. Break off yarn and rejoin to the top of the chain at the other end.

Row 14:
Ch3, *tr, ch2* repeat until end of row, finishing with a tr in the final tr of last row. Break off yarn, ready for a new colour.

Video for this row.
Row 15:
Join new colour top of chain in previous row. Ch1, *DC into top of next tr, 2 dc into chain space (chsp)* repeat until stitch marker, ch3, sc into space between two sets of Vs on row 12, ch3, DC into top of next tr and continue with pattern until next stitch marker.

Star stitch marker pattern


I’ve been busy making stitch markers for my #rainbowshawlcal which runs July 6th – October over on my instagram account. I’m having loads of fun with them and here I’m going to share my pattern for this star.

Make a magic loop.
5dc into magic loop, Ss to join.
2dc in each DC around.
*DC, DC 3tr DC* repeat 5 times. Ss to join and fasten off.

Add a twist of wire or a bent paper clip to the top.

That’s it! really easy and quick to make. I made mine with paintbox cotton DC yarn but any cotton yarn would work. Let me know how you get on 😉