Pineapple bag & join as you go

I’ve recently published a new design, Pineapple Pencil Case available on ravelry. This pattern comes with two photo tutorials. One is for the pineapple texture (you’ll have to buy the pattern to see that) and one explaining the join as you go method of joining crochet pieces. I’m sharing that tutorial here.

DC join as you go

Place your hook through the next stitch on the top of the pineapple and the front loop of a corner stitch on the pineapple body.IMG_2712

Yarn over the hook and pull through the stitches from both parts of the pineapple. Two loops on hook.IMG_2713

Yarn over and pull through both loops (as for a normal dc stitch).IMG_2716

Continue onto the next stitch and all the way around. Ss to close after the final st.IMG_2717

That’s it! Hope you enjoy.


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